Finite Element Analysis at heatexchangers of tankless water heaters. CAE for Heat Exchangers.

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For Analysis of heat exchanger  of tankless water heaters.



 Purpose Phirosophy

  Analysis of tankless water heaters and Condensing combi boilers using numerical fluid dynamics .


 Fuel type

 Gas Oil

 Type of Heat Excganger

 Heat Excahnger of tankless water heaters

 Input (Spec)

 Fin shape Number of fin Length of Heatexchanger box  Fin -Pitch Fin-thickness

、Pipe-thickness  Gas Exaust Casing shape


 Fuel type Input CO2 Temperature of water input 、Quantyty of input water、bipus ratio

 Output (Calculation)

 Temperature of Fin 、Temperature of Pipe Temperature of water  

  Temperature of exaust gas  Velocity of gas Efficency

 solution method

 Finite difference method Multi Grid


 Successive batch calculation  output picture by Jpeg.  Pate to Office

 PC required

 Windows2000 WindowsXP WindowsVISTA  Windows7 with Lager than XGA displlay



                  for Best Heat Exchanger

 for best  efficency

 Caluculate efficency at high level accuracy

 for make it more compact

 Easy Operation of setting Fin Exaust duct water nut setting for best exchanger

 for lower prise design

 chekking Fin cutting Pitch make easier opptimization of low cost and copmactness

 for make it more strong

 calcualation of Fin temperature read to thermal stress anakisys





Related Software PD-Magic is for Thermal stress analysis caused by thermal expansion.


 Image of Making Finite element Mesh of Heat Exchangers  即熱式燃氣熱水器 瓦斯熱水器 有限元分析法 using Pf-Magic Data.

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